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It’s a historic fact that brothers are capable of making great inventions. Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the film projector, the brothers Wright were the first to fly in an airplane and the Bor brothers created Snappshot. The idea originated on a beer mat – this is not a metaphor, it’s the truth. One day Arno and Marc Bor were enjoying a beer in a pub called ‘de Twee Wezen’ in Hengelo. When Marc saw the screens with partypics, he had a eureka-moment: “What if guests could add pictures to the screens themselves?” His brother Arno with an IT background could immediately envision it. After browsing for the idea on the internet, the brothers found out that it didn’t exist yet. Arno began developing and Marc began calling. Snappshot was born!


Everything else is history, Marc quit his job working as an account manager and Arno quit his job working as a software developer. The brothers assumed their previous roles in their own company. Snappshot brings happiness everywhere in The Netherlands; after having focused solely on weddings, the brothers thought the app could be used at other events as well. After broadening their strategy, dance concepts, company retreats and private parties could also implement Snappshot for their visitors.

“Snappshot doesn’t feel like work, we enjoy it so much”, Arno told the Tubantia after the company was crowned to ‘Starter of the year 2015.’ Fun, passion and the need to improve yourself every day, that’s what typifies the brothers Bor as no other. With Marc as the commercial man and Arno as the technical mastermind they’re never done making every day better than the last. And of course providing events of a Snappshot moment. 

Marc Snappshot
Arno Snappshot