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After choosing the Snappshot Package that suits your party you receive login credentials for MySnappshot.

MySnappshot is our online platform where all the magic happens. You can access it via every modern browser ( Inside MySnappshot you can set up Snappshot as you want to use it. The live screen, personalisation and downloading and sharing photos are all on MySnappshot (and a lot more).

If you want to use our livescreen function than we recommend a nice big screen so everybody can see the photos they posted.

Connect a laptop or pc to that screen with a cable or wireless via Chromecast or Apple tv. The only software you need to use the live screen feature is your browser (maybe the one you are using right now) and internet capable of watching a youtube video

Click on “display on screen” on MySnappshot and the screen is live!

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The next step is downloading our free Snappshot Photo App. We tailer made for Android and iPhone users.

After installing the app you only need to fill in the Partycode that we generated or you choose yourself and add your name so everybody knows who is posting such hot pics…

Now you are ready to go go! Start taking a lot of beautifull and and some regrettable photos and watch them appear on the screen (or beamer) including your name and timestamp. 

Still not clear how Snappshot works? Contact us via the chat or our contact form en let us help you to organise the best party of all time!! 

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