#1 Feest Foto App!

📸  Collect photos easily of all guests
📺  Display photos live on a screen
📥  Download photos in high resolution
📲  Share photos afterwards

Are you in for a great party with amazing pictures? So are we! Nice to meet you, we are Snappshot and we bring your wedding, event, office party or other party to the next level. Why? Because we think it’s awesome! How we do it? By highlighting every event with our interactive photo app. Pictures are great and they carry amazing memories to a memorable time together. Capture these moments of happiness with our smart app and let everyone enjoy it at the same time. Your selfies and partypics are no longer just visible to you, but they’ll be shared with everybody on a large screen! Using your phone while you’re at a party is better than ever!

The only thing you need for the complete Snappshot-experience is a screen, a smartphone and a touch of creativity.  The photo feed refreshes automatically when the guests are taking pictures: add some captions and viola. There’s that ambiance! Snappshot: the disposable camera of the 21st century.

Put a photobooth in
every pocket,
and a smile on
every face!

Put a photobooth in every pocket,
and a smile on every face!

Display photos of all your guests live on a screen or beamer

Share live
pics on a screen

Collect unlimited photos of guests in the easeyest way possible and download / share them afterwards

Collect all photos
from guests

By enabling the "Not save function" you prevent your guests from posting there pictures on social media

Prevent social
media posts

Upload photos with our online tool and see them back on the live photo feed!

Upload photos
from gallery

No advertising, no registration needed. Download our camera app for free on iOS and Android

Free for
all guests

Change the backgrounds of the app to give it a personal touch

the app

Let your guests know when the party starts

in the app

Download flyers and share with your guests. So they know what to do

Share flyers
with guests



Size doesn’t always matter



Capture every moment


  • Unlimited user*
  • All features
  • 30 hours


Leave no colleague behind


  • Unlimited user*
  • All features
  • 30 hours


Your wish is our command


  • Price on application
  • Complete custom event
  • The sky is the limit

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How to setup the live Photo Screen

Open the link that you have received via mail. Setup a MySnappshot account and login

Login on

Connect a laptop or pc to a screen with a cable or wireless via Chromecast or Apple tv

Connect to
a screen

Dowload the free Snappshot App and login with your unique Partycode

Login with

Start making photos and watch them live back on the screen!

Capture and
send photos

Only takes 60 seconds

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