Celebrate with snappshot!

Do you have something to celebrate? Invite Snappshot! Prepare yourself for a thrilling rollercoaster ride with Snappshot moments that follow each other in rapid succession with party photos, happy faces and silliness. And the photos? They can all be downloaded afterwards. Everything for a beautiful visual memory of a good time.

Our favorite Features

Display photos of all your guests live on a screen or beamer

Display photos
on a screen

Collect all photos of guests in the easeyest way possible

Collect photos of
all guests

Select only photos you want to download or share them directly on social media

Share photos

Our Party Photo App is free for all your guests! No registration or advertisements

Free for
all guests

Change the backgrounds of the app to give it a personal touch

the app

Welcome guests in the app with a friendly or important message

your guests

Let your guests know when the party starts

to the start

Download flyers and share with your guests. So they know what to do

Share flyers
with guests


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Size doesn’t always matter


Snappshop Celebration Package includes:

  • Access to MySnappshot
  • 30 hour Partycode (on the specified date)
  • 25 users
  • Full Resolution Photos
  • Live Photo Feed
  • Download/Share afterwards
  • App background customisation
  • Welcome Message
  • In-App countdown
  • Downloadable instructions folder

How to setup the live Screen

Open the link that you have received via mail. Setup a MySnappshot account and login

Login on

Connect a laptop or pc to a screen with a cable or wireless via Chromecast or Apple tv

Connect to
a screen

Dowload the free Snappshot App and login with your unique Partycode

Login with

Start making photos and watch them live back on the screen!

Capture and
send photos

only takes 60 seconds